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Sensory play is important for children of any age. It stimulates the senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. There are many types of toys that are suitable for sensory play. Our mouldable or colour-changing stress balls, squishy water orbs balls, squishy sticky monsters, plush Squishy bubble monsters or water orbs dinosaurs  and crazy sand  explore the world of touch with a variety of textures.

For touch and sound, our Pop Tube toys are brilliant for making noise and having fun. You can bend and twist them, join them and whirl them around to make different noises. Available in a range of different colours, they're fantastic for kids of all ages to enjoy.

And to stimulate the senses of touch and smell, why not check out our Plush Squashamals? With 6 different adorable plush animals to choose from, each super soft plush has a lovely fruity fragrance to them. You can squash them down and watch them slowly come back to life and enjoy their lovely smell at the same time! 

Click to view our Toy Range and keep an eye our for our great sensory items!


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