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Body Jewellery Styles

ear Body Jewellery Styles - Adnohr


Most ear piercing studs have a 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm or 8mm head and have a 10mm post. The most popular style of jewellery is the bezel stud. Claw or tiffany styles can also be used.  Usually 16g to 20g

nose-stud Body Jewellery Styles - Adnohr


Nose studs can be straight with a wedge-shaped end, have a bent tail, “L” shape or straight.  Usually 16g, 18g or 20g in 6mm or 8mm length.

navel-piercing-bars Body Jewellery Styles - Adnohr


Navel piercing bars are bent. Usually with a 10mm bar & have a 6mm top ball & an 8mm bottom ball. Navel bars are always 14g!

tongue-piercing Body Jewellery Styles - Adnohr


Tongue piercings are done with an 18mm to 22mm straight barbell with either 5mm or 6mm balls.  Tongue bars are always 14g! When the piercing is healed the tongue bar should always be downsized to a shorter bar (14mm to 16mm).

eyebrow Body Jewellery Styles - Adnohr


Eyebrow piercing is done with a 10mm or 12mm 16g barbell with 3mm balls or cones.  Barbells can be straight but are usually bent.

labret Body Jewellery Styles - Adnohr

Labret / Tragus / Lip

These piercings are usually done with a labret style stud and ball or cone. Labrets have a flat back for comfort.  The labret studs are usually 16g 10mm or 12mm but can be up to 14g.

retainers Body Jewellery Styles - Adnohr


Retainers are usually made from surgical grade polycarbonate or bioflex as they are flexible and translucent so they are less obvious when being worn.  Mainly used to keep the piercing hole open when jewellery is not appropriate.  These are a good alternative for a pregnant navel although it is not recommended to pierce women whilst they are pregnant.

dermal-anchors Body Jewellery Styles - Adnohr

Dermal Anchors

A relatively new style of piercing is using a dermal anchor.  Dermal piercing is essentially a surface piercing procedure where an incision is made in the skin with a needle or small dermal punch and a dermal anchor is inserted.  This style allows the look/style of a piercing without an entry & exit point as a traditional piercing.

stretcher Body Jewellery Styles - Adnohr


Stretching is generally performed in the ear lobe.  This is done using tapers where the ear is pierced and once healed a taper is inserted to stretch the hole.  Generally one gauge at a time until the desired size is achieved.  Stretching is generally achieved one gauge at a time. The taper is inserted into the piercing breaking the tissue but not making the piercing bleed.  When the tissue is healed the taper is inserted another gauge size, again breaking the tissue.  When the tissue is healed the process is repeated until the desired hole size is achieved.

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