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Ear Works Jewellery PiercingEar Works Jewellery and Piercing

Our Ear Works jewellery range is safe for sensitive skin and includes a variety of styles such as hoops, sleepers, cubic zirconia, fashion earrings, sterilized piercing studs and body jewellery. Ear Works piercing studs are made from the finest 316L surgical steel and are available in 24ct gold plated styles as well as polished surgical steel. These piercing studs are for use with our WDC piercing instrument and piercing cartridges and are sterilised for the safety of the piercer and consumer. Available in a great range of styles including daisies, traditional studs, and birthstones.

Our fashion earrings, sleepers and hoops are made of a range of 22ct gold plate, 24ct gold plate, .925 sterling silver, rhodium plate, rose gold plate and black plate with either surgical steel or titanium posts. Safe for sensitive skin, we have a range of styles and colours to suit any occasion and demographic. Complete in its own hang sell packaging, the Ear Works range of jewellery is great for storefront display. We also have a range of surgical stainless steel body jewellery including nose studs, navel bars, tongue bars and more!

We have Studex and Medisept piercing starter kits and replacement stock available if you’re looking to start ear and body piercing. Our kits include the Studex WDC and System 75 ranges as well as Medisept navel and nose piercing systems. Manufactured using the finest quality 316L surgical stainless steel, titanium or 14K solid gold, all piercing systems and jewellery are pre-sterilised for the safety of the piercer and consumer. We also have piercing accessories available including latex gloves, antiseptic aftercare, alcohol preparation pads and more. Ask us about our display stand and point of sale options to maximise your sales and profitability.


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