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Wholesale Fashion AccessoriesWholesale Fashion Accessories

We have a great range of wholesale fashion accessories including bags, hats, hair accessories, socks, and wallets available in a great range of styles for children and adults. Our available bags suit a variety of needs such as school, beach or gym and kids caps for when you’re out and about. Check out our great range of wholesale hair accessories to suit any hairstyle and occasion including bows, hair clips, hairbrushes, and headbands. Looking for something to brighten up any hairstyle? Whether it be for fun or an event, our hair chalk is brilliant for adding some temporary colour to any hairstyle. Simply rub on and wash out!

Our range of novelty socks are available in a range of styles, made from 70% combed cotton, 14% polyester, 13% nylon & 3% spandex. With bright, fun designs for everyone, they are a great gift idea or fun fashion accessory to any outfit. We have adults wallets available in premium or genuine leather styles for men and women in a range of colours and styles and watch and wallet sets for kids that have their favourite animated characters on them including Frozen, Spiderman, Cars, Disney Princesses and more!

We have bags to suit a range of occasions including school bags, beach bags and leather shoulder bags. Our beach bags come in a few different styles including a beach bag with a built-in cooler compartment. These beach bags are amazing for taking snacks along with you and keeping them cold when you need it. Keep the kids covered while out on beach outings with our range of kids hats. Each pack includes mixed designs suitable for boys and girls of all ages and feature characters such as Hello Kitty, Moana, Frozen, Batman, Spiderman, Paw Patrol and more.

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We have our sales representatives in different states of Australia. Please check out the specialists we have in -
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