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Custom Stubby Coolers AustraliaCustom Stubby Coolers Australia

Looking for a great way to promote your business? Why not get some custom wholesale Stubby Coolers printed with your company logo and details? We have a range of printing options available including high-quality, full-colour print and single colour print on a variety of stubby cooler colours to suit your business. You can provide us with your design, or we can create one for you to suit your needs. The value of custom stubby coolers allows for your customers to remember your business time and time again when they hold a cold beverage in their hand.

Each stubby cooler design is printed onto 5mm neoprene and made to fit 375ml premium beer bottles and canned drinks. Depending on your budget, our single-colour screen printing option is the most economical as it is a stencil method of printing. If you are wanting a more extravagant design, our dye sublimation printing option is perfect. This full-colour printing process uses heat to transfer the dye onto the materials, allowing you to print crisp, full-colour images for any logo or promotional image you need. Custom stubby coolers are not only great for promoting your business but also events such as weddings, charity functions, seasonal events, and more! Get your custom stubby coolers printed right here in Australia and shipped to you for all your promotional needs.

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We have our sales representatives in different states of Australia. Please check out the specialists we have in -
Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania & Western Australia