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Wholesale magnifying reading glassesWholesale Magnifying Reading Glasses

Looking for some spare reading glasses that will give you a bit of extra magnification? Look no further! We are wholesale distributors of magnifying reading glasses and have a range of styles and colours available in magnifications from 1.00 to 3.50 times. Magnifying reading glasses are great for improving close-up reading ability and keeping with you for when you might need them most. With the different magnification options, you can choose your strength, so you get the best magnification level as possible for your needs.

Our Slimline reading glasses are our best seller. With a metal frame and spring temples, these readers are compact and come in a small metal case. Available in a range of colours, they also have a display stand available to easily display for customers on any storefront counter.

Our range of wholesale magnifying reading glasses also includes a standard size metal frame, acrylic frame, and tinted magnifying reading glasses. With a fantastic range of colours and styles available, you are bound to find some suitable styles. With any pair of reading glasses, come fingerprints. Our Optical cleaning kits or lens cleaning towelettes are a perfect addition with any purchase of reading glasses. Keep your readers protected with our double drawstring pouches or make sure you always know exactly where you have left your readers with the help of our sunglass and reader cords.

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We have our sales representatives in different states of Australia. Please check out the specialists we have in -
Queensland, New South Wales, Vicotria, Tasmania & Western Australia