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Wholesale Stationery SuppliesWholesale Stationery Supplies

We have got some great wholesale stationery and office supplies to suit your needs. From bookmarks to pens, permanent markers, magnets, and craft supplies, we have got a bit of everything for your home or office needs. Our magnets come in a great range of styles and materials such as wood or porcelain. Each magnet pack comes with a magnetic display board that is perfect to display on any storefront counter.

Our bulk packs of coloured pencils and coloured felt pens are fantastic to pair with our kid's colouring book sets. They’re non-toxic and include 12 great colours in each set. We have bookmarks available in a great range of styles with our best sellers being our packs of 3D bookmarks. These 15cm bookmarks portray high quality, bright and colourful images including exotic animals and sea creatures.

For all your writing needs, our pens are just what you need. We have some great pens including leather-textured pens that come in a stylish black and silver tube. These twist retractable pens are fantastic as a gift idea and smooth to write with. Another great pen range we have is our pens with a spirit level. These are a fantastically handy, multi-functional pen that has not only a built-in spirit level but also rulers marked on the barrel and interchangeable screwdriver heads. Complete in a black gift box, it is a great pen for any occasion. Grab yourself some of our great stationery supplies at great wholesale prices.

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We have our sales representatives in different states of Australia. Please check out the specialists we have in -
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