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Studex Piercing & Jewellery

Studex Piercing JewelleryStudex is the world’s largest manufacturer of ear piercing systems and jewellery and is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. With a production capacity in excess of 100 million studs per annum, Studex supplies approximately 60% of the world ear-piercing market. Each stud is manufactured from the finest medical grade stainless steel and is crafted using state of the art Swiss high precision technology. All piercing studs are packaged and sterilised to US FDA and Australian regulations and standards for the safety of both piercer and consumer. Surgical grade stainless steel is regarded as one of the best materials to use in the manufacture of ear piercing earrings as it is durable with strong bonding action and prevents any sensitising through elements such as nickel from leaching into the skin.

Ear Piercing Studs Australia

The Studex System 75 ear piercing range is our most popular piercing range and is made from 316L surgical stainless steel. This implant grade of surgical steel is only found in body piercing jewellery. Our System 75 ear piercing range also comes in selected styles of titanium and 14K solid gold. Alongside our System 75 ear piercing range is our Medisept body piercing ranges. Our navel piercing jewellery is made from the finest implant grade of 316L surgical stainless steel. Implant grade titanium is used for the Medisept nose piercing jewellery range as it is extremely strong and inert to the human body. Titanium is by far the best piercing option for skin types with allergic reactions to nickel.

Our hypo-allergenic hang sell jewellery ranges include Sleepers, Just Hoops, Sensation and Pygmy body jewellery. These fashion jewellery ranges are made from the finest quality materials including .925 Sterling Silver, 22ct gold plate, 24ct gold plate, rose gold plate, rhodium plate and black plate. Available in a range of styles for all age groups, they are designed for sensitive ears. Pygmy body jewellery includes a range of navel bars, tongue bars and labret bars in styles and colours to suit everyone.

We also have an extensive range of antiseptic ear care, piercing accessories, disposable gloves, and storefront display options and point of sale material to suit your needs and increase your sales and profitability. Please contact our customer service or sales team for any questions or piercing training you require.



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Studex Earrings

Studex Earrings

We offer hypo-allergenic earrings with a comfortable locking back which are created using 316 surgical stainless steel, or titanium raw materials.

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Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing

The nose piercing system provides the unique opportunity to effectively perform nose piercing of the nostril without the need for an autoclave sterilizer.

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Belly Piercing

Belly Piercing

The belly piercing system offers navel piercing enhancements that enables piercers to perform professional piercing without the need for expensive autoclaves.

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