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Wholesale Giftware

Wholesale Giftware 1Looking for some fantastic wholesale giftware? We have got a great range of gifts and novelties for any occasion. If you are looking for the perfect outdoor gift item, we have got wind chimes and wind spinners that will brighten up any outdoor area. Our wind chimes are available in a range of designs in cast iron, metal, acrylic styles with beaded accents, glass, or enamel panels. For a less noisy gift idea, our suncatchers and wind spinners are perfect. They will catch the light or rotate with the wind no matter where you hang them. Our range of suncatchers come beautifully gift boxed making them a great gift idea for any occasion. With an amazing range of styles available, you will find the perfect outdoor gift for anyone. Our amazing gift items do not stop there with dream catchers, solar ornaments, novelty gifts, candle holders, and more!

Wholesale candle holders

Our great range of Glowing Glass Candle Holders are covered in Polymer Fimo Clay designs and can be used indoors and outdoors to brighten any space. We have a range of designs including beach, animal, Australiana, and floral designs to choose from. These amazing candle holders can be used with a variety of different candle types and come gift-boxed with a tea light candle included making it a brilliant gift! Not to mention we have a great bulk wholesale offer available.

Wholesale Giftware 2Novelty gifts for any occasion

Dream catchers are traditionally used to hand above beds to protect sleeping children from bad dreams and evil spirits and to catch good dreams and float them down the hanging beads and feathers to the children while they sleep. Our range of dream catchers is available in a range of sizes and assorted shells, beads, stones, and feathers. Solar ornaments are great fun to have around the home or office as they dance to the sun's rays when placed in a bright space. We also have some great novelty gifts such as Australian stock whips, USB desk fans, and a range of drink bottles or wine accessories to choose from.

Diamond art creations for everyone!

One of our best-selling wholesale giftware lines has been our Diamond Art Canvases. Diamond Art is an amazing way to pass the time while creating something beautiful that you can frame and hang in your home. With an amazing array of designs available, Diamond Art Canvases are a fantastic gift idea for older children and adults that love to get creative. These amazing packs come with more than enough resin diamonds to complete your picture as well as all the equipment you need including an applicator pen, wax pad, and sorting tray. These will give you hours of fun and relaxation in the comfort of your own home that you can frame and display when completed.

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