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Wholesale Night Lights and Lamps

Wholesale Night Lights and Lamps 1To brighten up the night we have a range of wholesale LED Sensor Night Lights, LED Lamps, and EVA Lamps to light up the halls or any room. Our LED Sensor Night Lights are designed to automatically detect dusk to dawn and emit a soft glow as the room gets dark, then turn off again by itself as the room becomes brighter again. Available in a few different styles and colours, these LED night lights are fantastic to plug into any wall socket in your toilet, bedroom, hallway, or kitchen where you might need some light throughout the night.

Wholesale Night Lights and Lamps 2

For all your lighting needs

Our LED Lamps are great for any workspace that might need a little more illumination. We have two styles available including a desk lamp and portable clip lamp. The LED Desk Lamp has a fully flexible head and is a great size for any office space or bedside table where you can connect it to power using the USB cable provided. With a touch on/off feature you can have great lighting at whatever angle you need. Our portable clip lamp is fantastic for taking your light with you no matter where you need it. Its large clip base allows you to clip onto surfaces such as tables or objects and its fully flexible head allows you to get perfect lighting at any angle. The LED Portable Clip Lamp comes with a USB charging cable but also contains a rechargeable battery and has 3 different lighting modes so you can get the right level of brightness you need, anywhere you go.

Perfect for the kids

For an adorable addition to any room, our EVA Lamps are perfect for any kids’ room or nursery décor. With a fantastic range of bears, animals, mythical creatures, and more, they are a great lamp for any kids’ room. Made from Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, they light up with a flick of a switch and emit a lovely glow through the different colours of the lamps. Light bulbs are easily replaced through the base of each lamp and they do not get hot when turned on. These are a fantastic gift idea for any occasion and are a great size averaging 20-30cm depending on the style. For some fantastic wholesale night light and LED lamp options all in one place, check out our lighting range today. 

Wholesale Night Lights & Lamps

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