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Wholesale Outdoor Equipment

Looking for some wholesale outdoor equipment that will compliment your fishing, camping, or outdoor gear? We have some great items that you will want as part of your gear for every outing.Wholesale Outdoor Equipment 1

Outdoor must-haves

We are always looking for ways to keep cool while outdoors and our Ice Towels will do just that! With cooling technology built into the fabric, Ice Towels will keep you cool time and time again and all you need is a bit of water! Machine washable and compact, they come in a great range of colours and are easy to carry with you everywhere you go. Chemical-free, hypoallergenic, lightweight, UPF 45 protection, and made from 100% polyester with cooling technology. Each Ice Towel comes in an eco-friendly PET material bottle that can be used to drink water under 60 degrees and has a built-in clip so you can attach it to any bag. Stays cool for up to 2 hours when wet, all you need to do it soak in water, wring out the excess, shake it 3 times and it is instantly cold. Ice Towels are perfect for camping, the beach, gardening, and more!

 Wholesale Outdoor Equipment 2

The ultimate tie-down

Sick of your ordinary tie-downs and bungee cords? Our LoopRope tie-downs are just what you need. Made from 1/4" heavy duty shock cord, its unique design allows it to still be able to be used even if cut in half. With its adjustable loop system, it is the ultimate tie-down system, suitable for any application while camping, fishing, caravanning, towing, on the farm or just around the house. You can tie down multiple items with just one rope, or link them together to form custom cargo nets. No knots required, never tangles, and safer than bungee cords, LoopRopes will change the way you tie down your loads forever. They are fully adjustable to virtually any length, so you will never have a tie-down that’s far too long for your needs and handles nearly every light-to-medium duty fastening needs. Each LoopRope comes with two military strength, double-gated safety clips that can hold up to 68kg depending on the size. Not only great as a tie-down when towing, but LoopRopes can also be used as a clothesline to hang towels between trees or keep items off the ground such as drink bottles, clothes, or head torches until you need them while camping or at the beach. We have even used them as guy ropes for tent poles while camping! For more ways to use LoopRopes, check out our video here for all it’s great applications no matter where you are.



Broken mozzie coil? No worries

Another of our must-have outdoor equipment items is our Crochead mozzie coil caddy. This mosquito coil holder simply opens using finger pressure on the bottom of the stand and will hold anything from a full coil to broken pieces! There is nothing more frustrating than opening a brand new pack of mozzie coils and having it fall apart in your hands and no longer fit on the stand it comes with. Now, you won’t need to worry! These mozzie coil holders will hold any size piece while standing upright, laying on its side or even hanging. Australian made from 316 stainless steel, they are compact and great to have with you when you’re camping, fishing, or even just at home. Grab some of our great wholesale outdoor equipment to complete your gear for every outdoor adventure.

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