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Wholesale Sterilised Piercing Supplies

System75 Ear Piercing Are you looking for wholesale sterilised piercing supplies? We’ve got you covered. We have a range of piercing supplies for ear, nose and navel body piercing including piercing instruments, jewellery, antiseptic aftercare, latex gloves, alcohol wipes and more! All our piercing jewellery comes sterilised and we offer in-store training for you and your staff if you’re wanting to add body piercing to your list of services.

System75 Ear Piercing

Our System75 Ear Piercing range is our most popular and best-selling range of piercing equipment. With an extensive variety of piercing jewellery made from 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, Titanium and 14K Solid Gold, there are piercing options available for all skin types and sensitivities. What makes the System75 Ear Piercing range special is its state of the art “touch-free” process. Each cartridge is designed to be loaded into the System75 piercing instrument without having to touch the jewellery or cartridge – simply peel back the protective seal and clip into place. The System75 piercing instrument is designed to fit comfortably in the hand with its sure-grip design and uses hand pressure to ensure quick and painless piercing with a simple spring-action trigger. This allows the piercer to have increased control, perfect alignment, and accurate piercing every time.

All System75 piercing jewellery is sterilised and sealed in individual packaging for the ultimate level of hygiene. Our extensive range of piercing jewellery includes birthstones, shapes, Cubic Zirconia, daisies, coloured titanium, solid colour balls, piercing hoops and novelty earrings including a unicorn, Hello Kitty, ladybug designs and more. We also have longer post studs to suit larger lobes as well as short post and baby piercing styles. To view our System75 range click here.

WDC Ear Piercing


WDC Ear Piercing

Our Studex WDC Piercing Instrument is more widely used or known with its pressure spring and trigger system. It uses disposable earring clasp adapters that serve as a hygienic barrier between the client’s ear and the piercing instrument so neither ever touch. All piercing jewellery and adaptors are colour coded to ensure that the piercer is using the correct adapters and piercing studs. With pinpoint accuracy and a comfortably designed piercing instrument, it’s the perfect range for quick and precise ear piercing.

Piercing studs include 24ct Gold Plated and Polished Surgical Stainless Steel metals in a range of styles including birthstones, traditional solid studs, Cubic Zirconia, daisies, shapes, crystals, black onyx and pearl studs, as well as titanium styles. Our range of ear piercing jewellery also comes in a variety of sizes including mini, regular, large, and super-maxi to suit any client whether you’re piercing the ears of a child or adult. Each pair of piercing studs is sterilised, sealed, and packaged individually as well as the adapter packs to maximise your piercing efficiency and hygiene. Click here to view our WDC Ear Piercing Instrument, Carded Ear Piercing Studs, or Uncarded Ear Piercing Studs for this range.

 MediSept Nose Piercing


MediSept Nose Piercing

The MediSept Nose Piercing System is innovative and a perfect alternative to traditional nose piercing methods such as piercing needles. Each nose piercing cartridge is sterilised and sealed in individual packaging to ensure the highest level of hygiene is maintained. Much like our Studex System75 Ear Piercing Instrument mentioned above, the MediSept Nose Piercing Instrument uses the same touch-free process where you can simply click the cartridge into place and pierce. Any element that touches the client’s skin or nostril is part of the disposable packaging, meaning your piercing instrument does not need to come into contact with your client at any time. The ergonomic, contoured grip of the piercing instrument is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and with its hand pressure piercing, ensures precise and virtually pain-free nose piercing. All nose piercing jewellery is made from the finest implant grade Titanium, making it perfect for anyone with a nickel allergy, and comes in a range of coloured crystals, plain ball or flat disc styles that are also available in a Champagne Titanium. Click here to see our nose jewellery and MediSept Nose Piercing range.



MediSept Navel PiercingMediSept Navel Piercing

The MediSept Navel Piercing System also has a sterilised disposable cartridge system. This fantastic alternative to needle piercing gives retailers and piercing technicians the opportunity to provide this piercing service in their stores easily. Each sealed, sterilised cartridge contains one complete navel piercing bar made from 316L Surgical Stainless Steel and features genuine Swarovski® crystals in a range of fantastic colours. With the use of sterilised piercing clamps, you’ll be able to pierce your client's navel easily and precisely with the MediSept Navel Piercing System.

With its ergonomic design, this piercing instrument will allow you to perform professional navel piercing. Our double jewel piercing navel bars come in a range of colours including AB Crystal, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Crystal, Rose, Ruby and Sapphire, and can be worn safely and comfortably every day. Click here to view our MediSept Navel Piercing range.


We have starter kits for all our piercing ranges available if you wish to offer ear or body piercing as part of your in-store services. We also have all of the piercing accessories you might require including piercing chairs, mirrors, or piercing release forms as well as counter display material so you can offer the best piercing services possible. We also offer in-store training for you and your staff in any piercing range you wish. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more about our wholesale sterilised piercing supplies.

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