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Wholesale Toys

wholesale toys distributor 1Looking for a great range of wholesale toys? Look no further – we’ve got you covered with our extensive range of plush toys, die-cast vehicles, growing toys, balls, balloons, water pistols and more!

Wholesale toys for any occasion

Our plush toys are great for any demographic and occasion. We stock a range of plush animals with heat pack inserts which can be heated and used for pain relief or warm cuddles on those cold, winter nights. They are a fantastic gift idea for all ages and are an adorable companion to keep you warm and cosy. Our range of wholesale plush toys extends to various animals, teddy bears, Australian souvenir animals, and more with some great mixed packs available for any occasion such as Birthday’s, Baby Showers, or gifts of love.

wholesale toys distributor 2Outdoor toys

If you are wanting to have some fun in the sun, we have an extensive range of wholesale toys that will encourage outdoor activities. From buckets and spades for the beach to water pistols and inflatable pool toys, we have got something for everyone. Our range of inflatable pool toys is great for kids and adults of all ages with a range of inflatable surfboards, beach balls, inflatable armbands and pool mats. We also have some great water splash balls, swimming goggles and silicone swim caps for all your swimming needs. Our outdoor fun does not stop there with our range of kites, twirling ribbon, balls, cap guns, bubble blowers and more to keep everyone entertained whether they’re in the backyard or at a park.  

Entertaining toys

We have some fantastic wholesale toys for both boys and girls of all ages such as dress-up sets, activity books and die-cast vehicles. Looking to keep the kids occupied? We have a great range of growing pets that will keep everyone amused for days! Starting as an egg, it will start to crack open and the growing pet inside will hatch and grow to full size over a couple of days while submerged in water. We have a great range of animals including dinosaurs, unicorns and chickens which are great at Easter time. Our range of Aqua Squelcheez are also great fun giving kids a squishy, squeezy, stretchy toy to play with that expands 5-6 times its original size when soaked in water. Available in a great range of animals, these will keep kids occupied for hours.

For something to occupy the more creative side, our kids' colouring books and sticker packs are great for kids of all ages. Our kids' colouring book packs include a great range of designs for both boys and girls and are fantastic to pass the time while at home or on car rides. Grab a great range of wholesale toys all in one place.

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