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X8 Body Jewellery

X8 Body JewelleryX8 Body Jewellery is made in the USA from 316L surgical stainless steel. This range of body jewellery is for healed piercings and comes in a range of styles including captive bead rings, nose studs, curved baby bars, straight barbells, labret/Monroe bars and belly bars. With this great range of body jewellery in gauges ranging from 14 to 20, it covers piercings for ears, labret, eyebrow, navel and more!

Our body jewellery also includes packs that have polycarbonate retainers for your nose, eyebrow, labret, and barbell styles. With a range of colours, shapes, crystals, acrylic and gold plated options, you’re bound to love this body jewellery range.

We also have some gift packs available for barbells, nose studs and belly bars that contain 5 different colours complete in a CD case. These are perfect for having a range of different coloured body jewellery to choose from while being extremely cost effective.

For bulk body jewellery display, we have some fantastic rotating and counter display options. Our larger stands have lockable acrylic doors for the safety of your products in store and hold up to 384 pieces depending on the stand size. Safe for sensitive skin and fashionable for any style or occasion, our X8 Body Jewellery range is perfect for you or your customers.

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